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The Spike Bite company works hard to create stylish vests for small pets that are soft to touch and easy to hold, while containing metal spikes in the core of the vests, that help deter predators during an attack.

The Purpose Of The Spike Bite Vest

Wild animals often take pet cats and small dogs directly from their yards. Learn How Spike Bike can help protect your pets in high risk areas.

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How The Spike Bite Vests Work

Spike Bite protective pet vests deter animal attacks with metal spikes that are embedded in the interior of the vest itself.

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The Spike Bite Mission

Our plan is to discourage bites; giving our little guys a chance to escape.

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Why Choose Us

Spike bite vests are made with 100% polyester fabric with velcro straps. The Spike Bite vets come in many styles and colors, including florescent orange and yellow to help keep your small pets visible at night.
The Spike Bite company is a family owned and operated business focused on the safety and well being of our extended family members; our pets.

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